FREE SHIPPING- Training Javelin Pack- IDAHO ONLY

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Since Idaho has just introduced javelin to high school track and field we are offering a large discount on javelins to make them more available and affordable for all Idaho schools and coaches. 

The pack includes 2x 600g training javelins ($129.99) and 2x 800g training javelins ($149.77). You are saving $109.52 on the javelins and free shipping (usual shipping for 4 javelins is $229.00). You are saving a total of $338.52!!!

We will be holding drop-offs in N. Idaho and S. Idaho for coaches to pick up their javelins. The drop-off will be sometime in February. 

For any questions please call (509) 290-6543

This deal is only for Idaho schools/coaches. If you do not live in Idaho this order will be refunded. 


Designed to IAAF Specifications. They are well-suited for the beginner thrower to use in practice but having been designed to IAAF Specs, throwers have been able to use these javelins in competitions

All Javelins ship in a 4inch PVC tube.

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